One Last Drive in 88 Year Old’s First Car, a ’26 Dodge That Sat for Decades

One Last Drive in a 1936 Dodge
One Last Drive in a 1936 Dodge

Every gear head remembers their first car. The sounds, the smells, and the feeling of freedom on a first drive just can’t be replicated or imitated.

The guys at Fat Fender Garage know this better than anyone and gave an 88-year-old man the greatest gift he could imagine: one last ride in his first car.

This 1926 Dodge Brothers Touring car had sat dormant for more than 6 decades, but against the odds, it sputtered to life and gave it’s very lucky owner one more ride.

This Dodge was no ordinary barn find. The owner bought it as his first car when he was 16 years old for $135.

After using it for a while, he drove it into the spot where it was found way back in 1947.

When his wife pitched the idea of getting it running for him one last time, the guys from Fat Fender jumped at the chance.

The car hadn’t run in more than 60 years, so the carburetor and every wire had to be gone through.

Seeing the emotion on the owner’s face hearing his first car and driving it one more time, it was all worth it.

It may not have been really fast or very far, but there’s no doubt this is one ride he and his family will never forget…