A Famous Roadrunner, A Hemi Ute, and a Near Arrest

Anyone remotely interested in Hot Rodding the last 30 years has heard of David Freiburger. Made famous as chief editor of Hot Rod Magazine, host of many Motortrend shows, and holder of a pile of 200 MPH Club hats, he’s a household name for every gearhead from Los Angeles to the Gold Coast of Australia.

When given the opportunity to drive one of Freiburger’s cars, you can imagine a fan might be a little excited — perhaps too excited for the liking of local police.

Thanks to Brian, the new owner of Freiburger’s ’71 Roadrunner, a couple fans got the opportunity to drive both the ’71 Plymouth and a home-brewed Charger R/T Ute in the same day, and a meeting with the cops is exactly what happened.

Since being sold to Brian, a host of improvements were made to the car that Freiburger had planned. The big-block Plymouth now sports an A833 manual transmission (and of course the pistol grip shifter), a shorter positraction rear end, sail panel repair, paint touch-ups, and a completed interior.

Unfortunately for anyone else in the States hoping for a joyride in this famous orange Roadrunner, it was recently sold to a new owner in Australia and is on a boat ride to the other side of the globe.

If you’re an Aussie fan of Freiburger or Roadkill cars, keep an eye peeled and you just might see it cruising the streets down under.

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