Rattle Cans and 1Shot ~ DIY Motorcycle Helmet Paint

How To Rattle Can Spray Paint a Motorcycle Helmet
How To Rattle Can Spray Paint a Motorcycle Helmet

YouTuber Iron Gordon shows how to paint a motorcycle helmet with a few cans of spray paint and several colors of 1shot.

He first removed all of the gloss sheen from the factory helmet paint job using red Scotch-Brite pads.

Rustoleum 2X ultra cover paint + primer was used for all of the color coats, and 1shot was used for all of the brushwork.

Finally, the entire helmet was coated with Spray Max 2K clear gloss.

Prep work is key when using this method, it is mentioned many times on Internet searches that certain types of paint can soften the raw shell of the helmet.

Do your research, do only what you are comfortable with, these methods may not be legal where you live and ride. You are responsible for your safety.

Products Used in this Video

The Helmet

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The Spray Paint and Clear-coat

The Lettering Paint

Tools and Painting Supplies