How To Fix Clogged Aerosol Spray Paint Cans

How To Fix Clogged Spray Paint Cans

You’ve been there: you’re in the middle of your project, the aerosol spray paint you’re using stops spraying — it just quits. Here is how to quickly fix it…

Each aerosol spray can will have a rating on the back, usually near the bar code. Most spray paint cans are DOT 2Q which means they are rated to at least 270psi before they will burst, and are designed for operating pressure up to around 180psi @130F degrees.

The vast majority of air compressors put out a max of 120psi — so you can’t get close to the safety rating. Most compressors also have a regulator to turn down the pressure — 50psi seems to be ample.

USA Ratings

(at 130F degrees)

  • No Code Minimum burst 210psi
  • DOT 2P Minimum burst 240psi
  • DOT 2Q Minimum burst 270psi