Setup a DIY Paint Booth in your Home Garage ~ FAST!

DIY Home Garage Paint Booth
DIY Home Garage Paint Booth

Busted Classic Garage decided to build a temporary paint booth inside his garage to paint parts for a couple of projects, and as sometimes happens, things got way out of hand.

He builds a pulley system to move the wall in a couple of seconds — the setup time for this paint booth is very impressive. This is a must-have in every garage if you plan on painting classic cars, parts, and projects…

DIY Paint Booth Parts List

3 mil 10×25″ Polar Plastics clear plastic sheeting (I used 4 of these)

1″ PVC and elbows (for the lower frame)

1×2″ wood pieces (for the upper frame)

A handful of Screw Eyes

A handful of Open S Hooks

2 Hitching Rings with square plate (the hoop)

3/16″ 100′ Polypropylene diamond braided rope (depends on how many walls you need)

3/4″ Koch single sheave pulley (depends on how many walls you need)

1″ 4×8′ Polystyrene foam board cut to fit your doorway

20x20x1″ True Blue Fiberglass House filter (for the fans)

20x24x1″ True Blue Pleated Media Furnace Filter (for the foam door)

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