Meet Urchfab – A Turbo Saab Powered Ford Drift Rod

Meet Urchfab – An Amazing Turbo Saab Powered Ford Drift Rod

This is a 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo – A rat rod ultimate drifting machine from England where Anglias were a huge part of Brit hot rod culture in the 1970s  and 80s. They were the local version of the ’32 Ford.

1953 Ford Anglia-Saab Turbo

The heart of the drift rod is a Saab B204 turbo charged engine mounted to a Vauxhall gearbox all mounted on poly bushes which connects to a Volvo axle via a custom drive shaft. The 204 engines can regularly handle 400 hp or more assuming it’s in good shape and has a rock solid tune.

1953 Ford Anglia-Saab Turbo

Designer of this hot rod, Matt Urch, says that he made a custom 4 link kit for the Volvo 240 rear axle and added a bumper bar to the rear to give it a bit of shape in the back.