Never Judge a Wagon by its Rust…

Never Judge a Wagon by its Rust

Never Judge a Wagon by its RUST, This Wagon is SICK!

Richie Crampton knew exactly what he wanted when he set his sights on a build for Hot Rod’s Drag Week!

Taking 8 months of spare time and some help from close friends, Richie took this old Chevrolet wagon and made it a truly unique build!

Taking everything 10 steps too far, this gorgeous patina’d Nova has more chassis and tire than the car may ever need! Clicking off low 8 second passes left and right, this car was making 8’s look easy!

Unfortunately, Richie is also a Pro NHRA Driver and had to depart from Drag Week early in order to compete in a pro race by the end of the week. The good news is we’re pretty sure he’s hooked and we hope we see him again soon…