820 HP Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup Truck

Chevrolet Reborn as Rat Rod

Back in the 40s, this once innocent Chevrolet pickup truck left a dealership’s lot and began a lifetime of hard work and faithful service. But after its rebirth, it can live life with a bit more horsepower as a Chevrolet Rat Rod Truck. 

Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup Truck - Engine Compartment

Somewhere along the history line of the aged pickup, someone decided not to restore this truck and instead created something a bit more sinister. Look beyond the rough and bruised body and you’ll find a rat rod that can beat —well, practically anything.

This beauty pulls power from a race-proven Richard Childress Sprint Cup 358 CI V8, which churns out a tire-burning 820 horsepower and 770 ft lbs of torque.

The engine transfers power through a NASCAR approved EMCO four-speed manual gearbox to a Winters quick-change rear end. And, just to make sure it isn’t starved of vital fluids, the V8 guzzles from a race-spec fuel cell and features a high-flow dry-sump oil system.

Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup Truck - Interior

While we don’t have any quarter mile or 0 – 60 times, this Chevrolet Rat Rod Truck’s owner claims it has pushed better than 160 MPH on track at Virginia International Raceway.

And yes, that’s a spittoon-turned-air-filter poking through the hood. Underneath, the Chevrolet features a custom-built frame, which wouldn’t look out of place on a modern Cup car, as well as four-wheel disc brakes and an adjustable coil-over front and rear suspension.

Best of all, it’s 100-percent street legal. With that performance and those looks, why drive anything else but a Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup?