Josh Mason’s 800HP LS2 Drift Engine Build in 7 Minutes

800HP LS2 Drift Engine
Josh Mason's 800HP LS2 Drift Engine

This is Josh Mason’s 800HP LS2 Drift Engine he will be using in his Pro-Am 2010 Ford Mustang in 2019 The Drift League series held at Irwindale Speedway.

Josh plans to hit the 800hp mark with this engine. This is the second engine he has ever built. The first engine was a turbocharged 5.3 that hit the 650 horsepower mark. This time he is going with a bigger cubic inch, lighter block and staying turbocharged. Enjoy…

Josh Mason proudly distinguishes himself not only as a driver but a fabricator that builds 100% of the vehicles he competes with.

Mason built a successful following with a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that he restored to a not so typical classic car fashion. He wanted to build a classic car he could not only take to car shows but put on the track and drift as well. After multiple years of drifting in the Camaro, he decided to take drifting to the next level.

His next build weapon of choice was a 2010 Ford Mustang that got stripped down to a shell and built to become a highly competitive drift machine. It was such a competitive car that it helped him achieve his Formula Drift Pro2 License in a Formula Drift approved Pro-Am Drift series in his first year of drift head to head competition.

The Drift League (TDL) is a Formula DRIFT sanctioned Pro-Am competitive drift series hosted by MotoIQ. TDL’s objective is to help aspiring drifters prepare for the professional levels of drifting. Emphasis is given to proper vehicle preparation, mechanical & safety inspections, and how to properly run a professional level drift program.