Install Bolt-On Disc Brake Conversion Kit on 8″ and 9″ Ford Rear-Ends

Speedway Motors talks Ford 8” and 9” disc brake kits and install tricks.

Bolt-On Disc Brake Conversion Kits for 8 inch and 9 inch Ford Rear-Ends
Bolt-On Disc Brake Conversion Kits for 8 inch and 9 inch Ford Rear-Ends

Why disc brakes? Easy answer: they stop better.

Safety matters, especially if you’re going to have passengers. Fortunately, this kit runs close to what you’d pay to replace original drums.

Speedway 8 & 9 Inch Ford Disc Brake Conversion Kit w/ E-Brake

Ford 9 Inch Bolt-On Rear Disc Brake Kit w/ E-Brake

This kit delivers disc brake stopping power at nearly the same cost as rebuilding/replacing drum brakes. The kit includes all of the brackets and flanges that fit the three most popular sizes of the Ford 9 inch and 8 inch rear-ends.

DIY Bolt-on Disc Brake Solution

This kit provides an easy to install, bolt-on solution for upgrading your pre-1980 Ford passenger car 9 inch rear-end to disc brake performance.

Disc Brake Conversion kit Installation

Joe and Zach show the trick to installation here…

910-31921 Instructions (PDF)

Caliper Adjustment Instructions (PDF)

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Applications by axle housing flange:

  • Small Ford Style 3-3/8″ x 2″
  • Big Ford Old Style 3-1/2″ x 2-3/8″
  • Big Ford New Style 3-9/16″ x 2″

When converting to 4 wheel disc brakes you will need a disc/disc proportioning valve and larger bore master cylinder to get the right ratio and fluid to those rear calipers