How To Get Abandoned Vehicles Rescued & Running: Tips From The Pros

Abandoned Vehicles

Hank from YouTube channel Hamiltonville Farm, no stranger to “will it start” videos himself, assembles a team of experts that offer up their best tips for getting left for dead vehicles and equipment rescued and running again.

You’ll hear from:

  • Matt from Diesel Creek who takes a look at a Deutz air-cooled diesel engine and talks about determining if the engine is locked up and will not spin — is it the engine itself or an accessory or something attached to the engine that is actually stuck.
  • Wes from Watch Wes Work goes over diagnosing problems quickly with limited tools (flashlight, 4-in-1 screwdriver, adjustable end wrench, test light, and starting fluid). He looks at a truck with 7.3 PowerStroke diesel that will not run pointing out it needs 5 things to run: Air, Fuel, Compression, Ignition, and Timing.
  • Lance from RESTORED talks about being prepared to retrive a vehicle, what you’ll need and how to get a vehicle out of the woods and on to a trailer. From shovels and chainsaws to a winch, come-along, chians and straps, he lists the things he makes sure is in the back of truck before going to do the retrieval.
  • Thomas from Mortske Repair goes over some things to look for and minimum requirements for ‘will it start’ scenarios. He uses a truck with a slant six in to explain the importance of completeness when evaluating a vehicle and engine that has not run for a long time, and explains what you see on the oil dipstick may indicate.
  • Josh from Sleeper Dude talks sourcing parts including eBay, Facebook Marketplace, local junkyards, and your auto parts store.

Hank and Wiley wrap things up with some of the first things they look at, how to determine if a vehicle is 12 or 24 volt, and mention some common obstacles when they venture out to a will-it-start adventure…

Hoping to rescue and get an old vehicle running again?

Watch as this expert panel explains how they do it, offering pro tips along the way…