1927 Packard Stored Nearly 50 Years in Abandoned Factory + Extras

1927 Packard Found in Abandoned Factory Sitting for Over 40 Years

Matt, Mike, and the team from Cabin Fever Auction Company travel to Northwest Philadelphia to help rescue a 1927 Packard sitting in a closed-down Machine Shop/Factory since the 1970s and off the road since the 1950s.

John Paul’s Father has owned this building since the 1970s and bought the Packard in approximately the 1940s. The property is being sold and the family wanted help relocating the car to a proper garage so they can attempt to get it road-worthy again.

We tagged along to document removing the old Packard from its tomb.

Iron Trap Garage

1927 Packard Adventure “Extras”

When we helped John Paul and the guys at Cabin Fever Auction Company, we spent some time exploring the building and getting some more info on the building.

We hope you enjoy a few of these extra clips we put together. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to keep up with our adventures and builds!