How To Convert a Car Alternator into a Go Kart Motor

DIY Go Kart Motor

An automotive alternator can easily be converted into a powerful hybrid brushless motor in just a couple of hours with some know-how and using common hand tools.

An alternator converted to a hybrid brushless motor provides a low-cost alternative to brushless motors (BLDC) because alternators are mass-produced, far in excess the quantities of brushless motors, plus they have dynamic behavior similar to brushless motors in a wide range of applications.

The particular alternator used in the video (from a 4.6 liter Ford F150) was selected simply because it was cheap — just 20 bucks, and was still in good working condition — any 3-phase alternator should work.

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Converting a Car Alternator into a Go Kart Motor

In this video, you’ll see how an automotive alternator can be converted to a motor for an electric go-kart…