Rat Rod Header 125cc Mini-Bike Trike Build

Rat Rod Mini Bike
Rat Rod Mini Bike

Red Beard’s Garage, after a proper dose of rat rod inspiration while attending the Redneck Rumble, started piecing together their rat rod mini bike build to be fitted with a capable 125cc 4 Stroke Engine.

Stay tuned as this killer concept mini-bike trike comes together…

Rat Rod Header 125cc Mini-Bike Trike Build ~ Part 2

Rat Rod Header Mini-Bike Trike Parts List:

125cc Engine – https://amzn.to/2IsO3zT

Axle Bearings – https://t.ly/PXLXl

Sprocket – https://t.ly/VzWXe

Sprocket Hub – https://t.ly/dWXED

Brake Disk – https://t.ly/28VZ9

Brake Hub – https://t.ly/JVGV5

Brake Calipers – https://t.ly/G0l0d https://t.ly/Bmlmk

Brake Master Cylinder – https://t.ly/xPgPe

Kill Switch – https://t.ly/djLjA

Twist Throttle – https://t.ly/G0l0X

Race Wheels – https://t.ly/l28L

Race Tires – https://t.ly/Bml8p

Race Wheel Hubs – https://t.ly/xPgrp

V Tread Tires – https://t.ly/mPmwp

V Tread Wheels – https://t.ly/k5bKJ

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