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Cars and Cameras’ 70hp 900cc Ducati 100mph Death Machine Shifter Kart

70+ HP Ducati 900cc Death Machine Shifter Kart
900cc Ducati Powered 70 Horsepower Shifter Go Kart

We built this 900cc Ducati motorcycle-powered go-kart for an episode for the Velocity channel. It scares the daylights out of us, so we pushed it to the side when we finished filming the episode.

This time, we’re bringing it back — introducing you to the build, adding a foot clutch and relocating the brake, and going for a ride. This is one fast go-kart — 70 horsepower, 900cc, and 100+ MPH capable…

Cars and Cameras

Meet the Cars and Cameras 900cc Ducati Powered 70 Horsepower Shifter Go Kart…