Automotive Painting Basics and Techniques with Kevin Tetz

Automotive Painting Basics and Techniques with Kevin Tetz

Kevin Tetz shows you the basics of painting, setting up a paint gun and spraying a car with a Concours 2 HVLP paint gun from Eastwood…

Eastwood Concours 2 ~ Single HVLP Paint Gun Kit in Aluminum Case

The Eastwood Concours 2 HVLP paint gun is a precision engineered gun designed for use by the seasoned professional or hobbyist. It is capable of producing a high-quality paint finish and will provide many years of trouble-free service.

  • Uses only 5-9 CFM
  • 1.7mm and 1.3mm Needle/Nozzle Sets
  • Lightweight Alloy Body
  • Stainless Steel Internal Components
  • Use for Both Solvent and Waterborne Coatings

The body is constructed of a highly durable and lightweight alloy with Stainless Steel internal components which are compatible with both solvent and waterborne coatings. Convenient reference markings on the gun body and control knobs allow for accurate repeatability of gun settings. Designed for the ultimate in comfort and appearance.

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