How To Maximize 6.0L LS Engine Performance ~ 10 Mod Combos Tested

Performance GM 6.0L LS Engine
How To Maximize 6.0L LS Engine Performance

So you already have a 6.0L LS engine in your truck, or you’re swapping one into something else, and you want to know…

  • What mods should I perform?
  • What cylinder head should I use?
  • What intake should I use? And most importantly,
  • What camshaft should I use?

In this video, Richard Holdener looks at no less than 10 different combinations including a variety of different setups — He ran cathedral-port heads, he ran rectangular-port heads, he ran cathedral cams, he ran rectangular-port cams, he ran stock cams — he ran all kinds of stuff so you can take a look at what makes sense for your 6.0L LS engine.

Editor’s Note: Each of these mods were tested an LY6 short block, but this modification information is applicable to each of the GM 6.0L LS engines including the LQ4, LQ9, even an LS3 short block.