Hot Rod Engines 101 ~ Ford Flathead

What To Look For When Buying and Building A Ford Flathead Engine

Hot Rod Engines 101 ~ Ford Flathead
Hot Rod Engines 101 ~ Ford Flathead

Matt and IronTrap Garage are starting a new mini-series called Hot Rod Engines 101 that will help DIY hot rodders answer questions about what engine to use for their hot rod build.

The guys are going to do a video segment that covers each of the common hot rod motors that were used throughout the years.

The Ford Flathead Engine

The first spotlight features the Ford Flathead, which is one of IronTrap Garage’s favorite motors. Matt walks you through the three distinct generations of the Flathead and the differences between them.

Matt also talks about what to look for when buying a flathead, where to look for cracks, and rough price ranges he likes to stay in when buying engines. The speed equipment for a Flathead can range from the common intake you see at every swap meet, all the way to the rarest of the rare.

Matt walks us through what to look for when buying speed equipment and some of the more common brands. Finally, he talks about his favorite Flathead powered Hot Rods that he has drawn inspiration from over the years.

The information referenced in this segment, plus more, can be found at the links listed below.

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