10 Oil Filters Compared: Finding the Best for Your Vehicle

Engine Oil Filters

Dan’s Guide to Everything dives into a comprehensive comparison of 10 different oil filters to determine which one reigns supreme and which ones fall short. He’ll explore their standout features, price points, build quality, and filtration efficiency, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect oil filter for your vehicle.

Price Comparison

He kicks off the analysis by arranging the oil filters by increasing price, starting with Walmart’s Super Tech at a wallet-friendly $5.90 and culminating with the higher-priced options like the Wix XP and K&N at $15.99 and the Amsoil at $22.55. Knowing the price range can help you find a balance between budget and quality.

Toughness and Robustness

In the search for durability, the K&N oil filter stands out. Its heft and rigid case set it apart from the competition, ensuring it can withstand tough conditions and maintain optimal performance.

Anti-Drainback Valves

All 10 filters come equipped with anti-drain back valves to keep the filter filled with oil even after the engine is turned off, preventing dry starts. Six of them feature silicone construction, which performs exceptionally well in cold temperatures.


A secure gasket is crucial for the proper functioning of the oil filter. The MicroGard filter proves to have the best gasket, staying firmly attached to the filter and ensuring a leak-free seal.

One-Sentence Summaries

Now let’s break down each oil filter in a single sentence:

  • Super Tech: An affordable option with good efficiency but relies on a larger particle size for a high score.
  • Fram ExtraGuard: Cost-effective, but with only 95% efficiency and a less durable build quality.
  • ACDelco: Similar to Super Tech but with a better mileage guarantee at a higher cost.
  • MicroGard: Excellent value, featuring a top-notch build quality, large filter area, and silicone construction, though with a lower mileage guarantee.
  • Fram ToughGuard: Competitive efficiency, but its paper end caps and price make it less appealing than other options.
  • Fram Ultra Synthetic: Similar to ToughGuard but with improved build quality and a higher mileage guarantee.
  • Mobil-1: Great, but not as standout as it used to be due to other filters offering similar mileage ratings.
  • WIX XP: No published filtration efficiency, but impresses with excellent build quality and wire backer.
  • K&N: Heavy-duty with a welded nut for easy removal, although efficiency numbers are not disclosed.
  • Amsoil: Tied for best filtration efficiency, with sturdy construction, metal wire backer, and an extended mileage guarantee, but at a higher price.


Determining the best oil filter ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. For those looking for the best value, the Super Tech and MicroGard stand out as excellent choices. The Amsoil and WIX XP are worth considering if performance and longevity are the top priorities. The K&N filter appeals to those seeking ease of removal, while the Mobil-1 remains a reliable all-around option.

Remember, your vehicle’s engine health is crucial, so take your time to select the right oil filter that fits your specific requirements and enjoy smoother rides with optimized engine performance.