Building a Radio Flyer Rat Rod Wagon

Radio Flyer Meets Rat Rod

Rat Rod Wagon Go-Kart
Rat Rod Wagon Go-Kart

Issac and John from CarsandCameras build go-karts, mini bikes, drift trikes, and occasionally work on cars using sketchy yet entertaining ingenuity evenings and weekends.

Some of their more exciting builds include a 670cc V-Twin kart that pulls wheelies, a 420cc turbocharged drift trike, and fitting a 212cc engine on a mini bike.

These prerequisite builds should provide a solid base for this project: a Radio Flyer wagon mixed with a rat rod model A…

Rat Rod Wagon ~ The Frame

The guys disassemble the Radio Flyer wagon, build a basic frame, and mock the whole thing up…

As the build continues, John and Ike fabricate the front suspension and a steering mechanism for wagon.

They were hoping to have both the front and rear suspension done for this episode, but things ended up taking a lot more time than expected. Hopefully, you agree and think it paid off!

Rat Rod Wagon Mock-Up

Live-Axle Installation

The guys get the rear axle mounted on the rat rod wagon — they think it looks awesome, but because a live axle and the majority of the wagon’s weight (the rider) is right on top of the rear axle, the steering is useless.

They’ll fix it soon…

Engine Jackshaft and First Run

Ike and John mounted the jackshaft, sprocket, and a Predator 212cc engine on the Rat Rod Wagon…

…and they go for a ride!

The wagon runs but still has a lot of bugs that they’ll soon work out…

Rat Rod Wagon Q & A and Future Plans

Issac and John answer questions and share their future plans for the Rat Rod Wagon.

Oh ya, they also try to quickly fix and ride the wagon — you’ll see how that turns out…

Building Rat Rod Wagon Exhaust

The guys get busy fabricating the Rat Rod Wagon’s exhaust — It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done…

Making the Chain Gaurd and Chain Tensioner

To make the Rat Rod Wagon a little more reliable, john and Ike build a chain tensioner and chain guard…

Drum Brakes for the Rat Rod Wagon

Drum brakes are configured and installed on the Rat Rod Wagon project using some handy parts from GoPowerSports:

They tested the brakes, and they know they need adjusting….

The Rat Rod Wagon Returns…

After a brief hiatus, Issac and John revive the Rat Rod Wagon!

They finally fix the drivetrain issue that they’ve been having problems with since it was first installed…

Sprocket Install, Testing, and Race!

Ike and John put a larger sprocket on the Rat Rod Wagon so it will accelerate decently.

After that, Ike takes the wagon go-kart around the yard and a race ensues…

Rat Rod Wagon Exhaust Header 2.0

The guys build a new header for the Rat Rod Wagon. It may be restrictive, but at least it sounds a lot better!