1937 Dodge Rat Rod Build by Broke Bastard Garage

1937 Dodge Rat Rod

Broke Bastard Garage drove to Colorado to pick up his latest project: a 1937 Dodge Rat Rod that’s getting chopped 5½” in the front and 4″ in the rear, a sunroof, and custom sheet metal interior. This series of videos that take you through the whole rat rod build including:

  • Chop top, roof section, and sunroof
  • Window shaping and placement, reshaping the front doors
  • Removing body from the frame
  • Installing 4 link suspension
  • Making Shock Mounts, Narrowing the Frame, airbag suspension
  • Panhard bar, shocks and steering
  • Frenched in tunneled Taillights
  • Installing Brake pedal and master cylinder
  • Making Floor Panels
  • Custom Air ride controls
  • Fabricating a Battery Tray and Wheel well
  • Using a Shrinker and Stretcher
  • Making Panels with a Sheet Metal Roller
  • Fabricate Floor Panels, Gas and Brake pedal
  • Sheeting Rear Wheel Wells
  • Finishing the Rear Floor
  • Making a Custom Dash and Custom Gauge Panel