FAST FREDDY ~ The Baddest Chevy C10 on the Planet?

FAST FREDDY ~ Baddest C10 on the Planet

Fast Freddy; a crowd favorite, an OG of the Stockholm Open, and a Genuine Badass!

Racing a Pro-Modded chassis of the vehicle his father picked him up from school in, Fast Freddy merges sentiment with serious SPEED.

He bought this truck from his dad when he was 19 years old and he’s still enjoying it to this very day as it’s gone through transformation after transformation to become the BEASTLY C10 we see here today.

Fast Freddy almost lost this truck to a shop fire, but thankfully the Drag Racing community came together yet again and within 4 months had Freddy’s shop, truck and trailer fixed and allowed Freddy to continue racing and chasing after his first-ever 5-second pass!