Insane 1 Day 1967 Mustang LS Engine Swap in Zip-Tie Drags Parking Lot

Insane 1 Day 1967 Mustang LS Swap at Roadkill Zip Tie Drags

At the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags, in the parking lot…

via Mad Scientist Garage ~ As a bucket list gift to our friend Matt, who is living with inoperable brain cancer, a group of friends and total strangers donated their parts, time, and money to LS swap his ’67 Mustang, known as Punish Stang, in a SINGLE day, in the parking lot at the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags…

Update: Matt’s Mustang Build Gets AFR Heads, Crower Cam, and Dyno Pulls

The 1 day LS Swapped ’67 Mustang gets a ton of power upgrades from Crower and AFR. Plus, the guys do dyno pulls, install a bunch of awesome billet parts from Dirty Dingo, and prep the car for boost!

PunishStang DYNO Time [LIVE]

The PunishStang is heading to SEMA!