The Diesel Brothers Built Twin Turbo Duramax Swapped Chevrolet C10

Twin Turbo Duramax Chevrolet C10

The Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel built this Chevy C10 pickup on Season 3 over three episodes for Charity Air Ambulance and the company’s owner, Cheyenne Lord…

Built to be driven as you can see. The hand-built tube chassis with a cantilever coil over hydraulic suspension and roll cage was engineered with a removable floor, so the entire cab can be lifted off.

It’s powered by a fully built LBZ Twin-Turbo Duramax diesel 6.6-liter race engine producing an estimated 800-1000hp and 1500 ft/lbs of torque that can hold 60-80 pounds of boost. The engine is backed by a Dodge 47RE automatic transmission with a shortened Dana Currie rear end.

The Back Story

Cheyenne has owned a few C10’s along the way, and while watching the TV Show one day he got a hair up his ass and thought why not build a diesel Chevy C10 with these dudes. The rest is history…