The Search For and Solved Mystery of NASCAR’s Ghost Track

YouTuber S1apSh0es Searches for and Solves the Mystery of NASCAR's Ghost Track: Air Base Speedway

Air Base Speedway
The Search For and Solved Mystery of NASCAR's Ghost Track ~ Air Base Speedway

Most NASCAR tracks have a long, well-documented history behind them, and finding a few photos of them or even some home-video footage isn’t too tall of an order.

The Search for Air Base Speedway

There is one track, however, so obscure that even Racing-Reference knows next-to-nothing about it, that sent me on a late-night tangent as I tried to piece together the mystery of Air Base Speedway…

Solving the Mystery of NASCARs Ghost Track

After having put up a bounty for more evidence of Air Base Speedway, mostly as a joke, I was inundated with DM’s containing articles, newspaper clippings, and photos. I sifted through the info and with some help from the people at Speed Sport Magazine, it all came together…

Exploring the Remains of Air Base Speedway

With the mystery surrounding Air Base Speedway all but resolved, the only thing left to do was to jump in the car and drive out to the site of the track to see if there was anything left of the old speedway. I expected next to nothing but walked away with way more than I bargained for…