The Search For and Solved Mystery of NASCAR’s Ghost Track

YouTuber S1apSh0es Searches for and Solves the Mystery of NASCAR's Ghost Track: Air Base Speedway

Air Base Speedway
The Search For and Solved Mystery of NASCAR's Ghost Track ~ Air Base Speedway

Most NASCAR tracks have a long, well-documented history behind them, and finding a few photos of them or even some home-video footage isn’t too tall of an order.

The Search for Air Base Speedway

There is one track, however, so obscure that even Racing-Reference knows next-to-nothing about it, that sent me on a late-night tangent as I tried to piece together the mystery of Air Base Speedway…

Solving the Mystery of NASCARs Ghost Track

After having put up a bounty for more evidence of Air Base Speedway, mostly as a joke, I was inundated with DM’s containing articles, newspaper clippings, and photos. I sifted through the info and with some help from the people at Speed Sport Magazine, it all came together…

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