$40 Muffler Shootout ~ Engine Masters

Engine Masters 40 Dollar Muffler Shootout
Engine Masters 40 Dollar Muffler Shootout

Budget mufflers. What do you get for $40? How do they sound and how much power do they kill?

Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, runs their 408 Cleveland with 12 different muffler options, including no muffler, straight through, chambered, and turbo style.

Which one is best for you is up to you, but here’s all the info you’ll need to make the decision…

Shop Cherry Bomb Pro Mufflers

Shop Rumble Welded Chambered Mufflers

Shop Summit Two Chamber Mufflers

Shop Thrush Welded Chambered Mufflers

$40 Muffler Shootout Results
$40 Muffler Shootout Results

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