How to Build and Install Exhaust Flame Throwers

Hot Rod Flame Throwers
Smoke and Fire

There are a lot of ways to bring attention to your vehicle but one of the most popular and controversial ways are flame throwers. Watch as the show Trucks and Stacey David take a closer look at what flamethrowers are and how to correctly install them without burning down your garage!

Please Note: This will not work on Catalytic Converter equipped vehicles. This will not work with fuel injected vehicles. This will work best with a vehicle equipped with manual choke. This assumes a dual exhaust set up. Simply eliminate a coil, a wire and hardware for single exhaust. You accept all responsibility for what you are about to do…

Tools and Supplies Required

SPDT Single Pole Double Throw Relay

One (1) SPDT Relay (Single Pole Double Throw Relay)

An SPDT Relay is an electromagnetic switch which consists of a coil (terminals 85 & 86), 1 common terminal (30), 1 normally closed terminal (87a), and one normally open terminal (87). Relay Terminal Diagram
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Two (2) Ignition Coils

Coils produce high voltage necessary to ignite unburnt exhaust gasses.
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Two (2) Coil Wires

Coil wire for the coil. Look for about 36″ (or longer if available).
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Two (2) Spark Plugs

Long shank, deep plug to reach into the exhaust tube.
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Weld-In Spark Plug Bung

Two (2) Spark Plugs Bungs

Long shank, deep plug to reach into the exhaust tube.

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One (1) Momentary Switch

Push Buttun or Toggle, your choice. Just ensure it is a momentary (similar to a starter) switch.
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30A /40A 5 Pin Relay Connector Socket with 5 x 6.3mm Terminals

Five (5) Terminal Connectors

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Ten (10) Wire Connectors

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Project Box

One (1) Project Box

A number of sizes and types of project boxes are available.
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One (1) 1/2″ Rubber Grommet


Tools / Supplies

14 Gauge Electrical Wire: Green, Blue, Black, Red, and Yellow

How To Make The Flame Thrower “Control Box”

  1. Cut a piece roughly 12″ long of each color wire. You should have five (5) pieces of wire in five (5) different colors.
  2. Crimp the terminal connectors on one end of each of the five (5) wires.
  3. Connect the GREEN wire to #87A on the relay.
  4. Connect the YELLOW wire to #87 on the relay.
  5. Connect the BLACK wire to #86 on the relay.
  6. Connect the RED wire to #85 on the relay.
  7. Connect the BLUE wire to #30 on the relay.
  8. Drill a 1/2″ hole into one end of the project box. Insert the rubber grommet.
  9. Feed the unused ends of the five (5) wires through the grommet and secure the box top.
  10. Attach a wire connector to each of the five (5) wires.

How To Install the Flame Thrower Exhaust System

  1. Find a location for the Control Box under the dashboard, on the firewall, etc. Mount it securely.
  2. Locate your vehicle’s existing coil.
  3. Connect a wire from the negative terminal on your vehicle’s coil to the GREEN wire on the Control Box.
  4. Connect the wire that was disconnected from the vehicle’s coil negtaive terminal to the BLUE wire from the Control Box.
  5. Locate an ignition wire (has power when you turn on the ignition). Connect the RED wire from the Control Box to this wire.
  6. Mount the Monentary Switch. Connect one terminal to vehicle ground. Connect the other terminal to the BLACK wire from the Control Box.
  7. Mount the coil(s) along your frame rail, or whereever makes sense on your vehicle.
  8. Drill a hole roughly six (6) inches behind your exaust or muffler for the spark plug bung. Weld into place.
  9. Run a wire from your car battery to the positive terminal of each coil.
  10. Run a wire from the negative side of each coil to the YELLOW wire from the Control Box.
  11. Start your vehicle. Keep the vehicle in Park (or nuetral). Rev the engine up and press and hold the switch. The engine should begin to stall and viola, Flame Throwing Exhaust!
Flame Thrower Exhaust Wiring Diagram

Rather leave it to the pros? Here are several Complete Flame Thrower Kits

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Flame Throwers in Action


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