How To Choose Wheel and Tire Fitment for Lowered Trucks

One of the biggest things that can make or break the look of your ride is the wheels it sits on. Once you have gotten over the huge hurdle of picking out the rights style rollers for your build, the next biggest part is to figure out the wheel size and fitment.

Most builders these days are filling gaps with the largest and widest wheels possible and in order to do this, you’ll need to find out how much room you have to work with.

There are many things to consider when you are getting ready to order wheels. Things like track width, backspacing, turning radius, bolt pattern, and even what lug nuts you’ll have to run.

  • Wheel backspacing
  • Watch out for spacing with wheels turned
  • Check firewall clearance
  • Track width
  • Bolt Pattern
  • Lugnut type

To help get a better idea of what it takes to get your wheel fitment correct, we head to Old Anvil Speed Shop in Orange, CA to get shop owner Paul Bosserman’s inside info on this subject matter.

While there, we take a close look at his personal ’66 Chevy C10 that has a full custom chassis with air ride.

How To Choose Lowered Truck Wheel Fitment

0:00 Intro with Kevin Aguilar
0:58 The Basics of Wheel Fitment
3:15 Wheel Setup on Paul’s Air Bagged Chevy C10
7:03 How to Tuck Wide Rollers for Better Traction
14:00 What Info to Gather Wheel Ordering Wheels and Tires
16:30 Doing Your Homework and Final Thoughts

Choosing Tires for Lowered Trucks

Though you can add numerous modifications to a custom truck, tires are what really make them move. Furthermore, a truck is only as good as its weakest link and there’s no reason to let tires hold you back.

Whether you are looking for something that works on everyday trucks, the ultimate in performance on the street or want to go full-on at the racetrack, there’s a set of Nitto tires designed to handle each purpose.

There’s no reason to skimp on getting the right tires for your ride. To help you choose the best tires for lowered trucks, we explain all the best choices that Nitto Tire has to offer and their intended usage in this video.

0:22 Intro with Kevin Aguilar
2:42 Show Truck Tires / Mini Truck Tires
4:25 Tires for Performance Trucks with Staggered Fitments
6:00 Daily Driver Truck Tires / Sport Truck Tires
7:27 All Season Truck Tires
8:07 Pro-Street Truck Tires / Drag Racing Tires
9:29 Jorge Sanchez’s Ford F-150 with NT555RII Tires
11:13 Tires for Ultimate Cornering / Pro-Touring Truck Tires
12:24 Final Thoughts