Making a DIY Dimple Die Punch Tool to Countersink Screws in Sheet Metal

DIY Dimple Die Punch Tool

Karl from Make It Kustom demonstrates how to make a dimple die punch tool to countersink flat or oval head screws with a tapered underside into sheet metal.

This tool is great for interior door panels, dash panels, and other panels where a trim screw and washer may be appropriate. However, this tool will essentially press the equivalent of the trim screw washer into the panel itself.

Trim Screw and Washer
Trim Screw and Washer

While a handsome solution, this process can also lead to another solution for bead-rolled panels — it can help flatten bead-rolled panels by shrinking the outer ‘frame’ or flange of a panel to relax the tension caused by the bead rolling process.

Countersunk Screws in Door Panel
Dimple Die Punched Countersunk Screws in Sheet Metal Door Panel

In this example, Karl is using a #10 flat head screw with a tapered base. Our personal preference for this type of mount is an oval head screw. The die set will of course facilitate the use of either screw head type.

Flat Head and Oval Head Screws

The top and bottom die for this punch are made from a 3/4 inch cold-rolled steel rod. The bottom section is 2 inches in length, and the top section is 4 inches to provide enough area for it to be comfortably held with your hand. The center hole is drilled to 3/16″ to accept a 3/16″ guide pin.

Countersunk Screws in Sheet Metal

Editor’s Note: This project does require the use of a metal lathe.

How To Make a Dimple Die Punch Tool for Countersunk Screws