What’s The Difference Between Chevy 305 and 350 Engines

What's The Difference Between Chevy 305 And 350 Engines

What are the differences between Chevrolet small block 305 cubic inch and 350 cubic inch engines?

Dimensionally, the engines are identical, and most parts of the engines are interchangeable. The engines use the same crankshaft and connecting rods, and have the same stroke, which is 3.480 inches.

The single biggest difference is the bore size (3.760 vs 4 inches). The heads are nearly identical, but differ in combustion chamber size. Here’s more…

Identifying Chevy Small Block 305 and 350 Engines

Visual methods of identification, including tags and labels on the engine or in the engine compartment, exist. However, these labels may have worn off or modifications may have been made to the engine, rendering the tags useless for positive engine identification.

To identify any Chevrolet small-block V-8 engine, the engine ID number must be matched to a listing of suffix codes, which identifies the details of the engine in question, including original application, horsepower, year of manufacture and technical specifications.