Small Block Chevy Twin Turbo Kit for Under $1500

GM SBC Twin Turbo Kit

For the price ($1,449.00), this is the most complete Small Block Chevy Twin Turbo Kit available and has all brand-new, quality parts capable of producing well beyond 750 horsepower with supporting modifications.

The kit includes a cooling solution for a hot turbocharged engine featuring a high flow-cooling fan and oil cooler kit. Also, the included electronic turbo timer provides a hassle-free operation of precisely calculating the cool down period to ensure a proper cool down for your turbocharged motor.

On a stock motor (GM SBC: 283, 305, 327, 350, 400) this kit will add amazing horsepower on a low boost setting of 8-10 PSI…

What’s in the GM SBC Twin Turbo Kit?

[2] Hybrid Turbochargers

  • .57 compressor wheel trim mapped for low & high boost setups
  • Oil fitting gaskets & mounting studs included
  • Capable of producing over 450 horsepower
  • wet float bearings & properly balanced
  • 3″ inlet diameter with a 2″ outlet
  • .50 A/R compressor housing
  • .63 A/R turbine housing
  • 1/8 NPT oil inlet
  • T3/T4 hybrid

[2] Stainless Steel Turbo Manifolds

  • High-quality gaskets included for turbo flanges and exhaust manifold flanges
  • TIG-welded 321 Stainless steel material for longevity and strength
  • Support brackets welded on help support the weight of the turbo
  • High-quality tubular piping with large 1 5/8″ primaries
  • Full install kit includes all bolts and hardware
  • Extra thick flanges support the turbos well
  • Beautifully polished for a show finish
  • High-quality T3 turbocharger flange
  • Fully ported and polished design

Front Mount Intercooler

  • Large design cools down the turbocharged air efficiently
  • Strong TIG welds will support high PSI levels
  • Lightweight aluminum racing intercooler
  • 2.5″ hold and cold inlets

Manual Boost Controller Kit

  • Can be set up to adjust boost PSI on the fly
  • Can be adjusted for any PSI level desired
  • Control your boost with a precise click
  • Includes complete install kit
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • CNC machined design

Aluminum Intercooler Piping Kit

  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum piping
  • May necessitate light modification to fit
  • [16] stainless steel worm gear clamps
  • [2] 2.5” 90-degree silicone couplers
  • [6] 2.5” straight silicone couplers
  • [2] 90 degree 2.5” bends
  • [2] 60 degree 2.5” bends
  • [2] 45 degree 2.5” bends
  • [2] straight 2.5” pipes

[2] Turbo Oiling Kits

  • Necessary fittings and clamps for a complete installation
  • 18 inch 5/8” high-temperature 550psi oil return line
  • Premium gaskets & hardware for the turbocharger
  • High strength oil feed line
  • Superior quality lasts a lifetime
  • Retails for $229 in magazines
  • High-quality oil feed fittings
  • High-quality turbo oil drain
  • Brand new turbo install kit
  • Angle oil fee line

Oil Cooler Kit

  • If the engine already features a factory oil cooler, this oil kit can still be used together with the OEM cooler kit
  • The cooler core has 15 rows which is perfect for cooling hot engine oil(a cooler that is larger will not be efficient)
  • The plate features 1/8” NPT ports for oil pressure & temperate sensors for gauges or for turbo oil feed lines
  • The cooler can be mounted in direct airflow or hidden & it will still do its job of cooling
  • Oil Line fittings are machine crimped & checked to prevent leaks
  • Cooler features 4 strong brackets for a sturdy & easy installation
  • [2] Stainless steel lines feature aluminum racing swivel fittings
  • Bar & fin core design is very effective at cooling hot engine oil
  • 7/8” Oil lines are fully reinforced with braided stainless steel
  • Oil lines resist engine bay heat & can support over 200 PSI
  • Oil lines are high quality & 4.4 ft. long each (52 inches)
  • Cooler measures 13” long x 5.5” wide x 2” thick
  • Cools hot engine oil by over 20 degrees
  • CNC milled billet aluminum oil plate
  • The oil filter adapter has 1.5mm threads
  • The oil cooler is lightweight aluminum

Slimline Cooling Fan

  • The fan can be used to cool: A/C condenser, oil or transmission cooler, mounting on an intercooler to prevent heat soak or cooling a a2w radiator
  • The slim design provides excellent engine bay clearance
  • Includes the mounting tabs for an easy zip tie install
  • Reversible design can either pull or push air
  • The versatility of a push/pull reversible fan
  • The superior flow of a curved-blade design
  • Creates additional aftermarket cooling
  • 1.25″ thick outside perimeter
  • 2.50″ thick inside perimeter

Electronic Turbo Timer

  • Ensures a proper cool down for your turbocharged car every time
  • Includes pigtail wiring and extra wiring for ease of installation
  • Important to prevent premature turbo wear and failure
  • Mounted inside the vehicle for on the fly adjustments
  • Precisely calculates the cool-down period for the motor
  • Auto mode feature creates a hassle-free operation
  • Increases turbocharger’s operating lifespan
  • Bright Easy to read LED Digital Display
  • Failure to reduce the temperature of the turbo could result in “coking” of oil inside the turbo
  • Coking is the baking of oil, turning it into a grimy substance

Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

  • Great to set up fuel pressure for boosted engines
  • Includes complete install kit
  • Precision pressure gauge
  • Fully adjustable

[2] External Wastegate Kits

  • Direct bolt on to included manifolds
  • Can be dumped for the aggressive sound
  • Easy 2-bolt flange dump design
  • Pressure starts at 6psi
  • Flanges gaskets and bolts included.

Oil Catch Can

  • Stops excess oil from blowing to the intake manifold
  • Ensures better mileage & better performance
  • Removes oil vapors from breather line
  • Show like high-quality polish
  • Includes complete install kit

[2] Blow Off Valve Kits

  • Protects the turbo by letting pressure surges vent when shifting and/or reducing throttle
  • Performance design produces a powerful and aggressive sound
  • Quality design will not leak under high boost conditions
  • Flanges can be installed at user discretion
  • Includes complete install kit

Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter

  • CNC machined T6-6061 billet aluminum construction
  • High flow capacity for demanding fuel systems
  • Strong brackets for easy mounting
  • High-pressure fuel fittings
  • An anodized show like finish
  • The filter can be cleaned
  • 6an sized fittings
  • Removable filter

Coolant Sensor Bung

  • Monitor the water temperature via this sensor relocator
  • Provides more precise readings than the stock location
  • Features 2 installation clamps for an easy add on
  • An easy solution to run aftermarket coolant sensor
  • 38mm ends fits most OEM coolant hoses
  • Strong Aluminum construction

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So, Will a Cheap eBay Turbo Kit Really Work?

HOT ROD brings you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about cheap turbo kits…

Editor’s Note: This video was made using a single turbo setup, hence $699 for the kit tested.

Order the GM SBC Twin Turbo Kit Now on eBay…

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