Traditional Hot Rod Reference Books You Should Own

Best Traditional Hot Rod Reference Books
Best Traditional Hot Rod Reference Books

Iron Trap Garage gets a ton of comments and message about the ins-and-outs of building a traditional hot rod, and where to find the information.

Matt is going to share a few of the books he references most often when working on traditional hot rod build projects. A vast majority of the information on traditional hot rods can be found on the internet, but it sometimes can be watered down and miss the mark.

Obtaining these books that were written by the early hot rodders can be a great source of information and inspiration…

Ford “Green Bible” Reprint

This is a high quality reproduction of the factory parts book known to collectors as the “Green Bible” of vintage Ford parts.

It was written by Ford for the parts departments at their dealerships. You will find the original part numbers, which are still useful today because most parts vendors still use the original manufacturer’s numbers to keep track of their parts. Use this book to make your search for parts both quicker and easier.

The illustrations in the book will help you identify parts, and the exploded views can aid you with the assembly or disassembly of some parts of the vehicle. You will find parts for your entire vehicle except for the body, including wheels, hubs, drums, brakes, front axle, steering gear, rear axle, coupling shaft, frame, muffler, springs, engine, transmission, clutch, radiator, fuel system, generator, battery, starting motor, distributor, ignition coil, lamps & wiring, fenders, hood, windshield wiper, shock absorbers, standard parts, bumpers, and accessories.

You will also find specifications for and dimensions of most parts listed. Find out if the parts on your car and the parts you are buying are original and complete. Covers all Ford Model A & AA, V8 & 4-cylinder Cars, Pickup & Commercial Truck models, and even school buses.

This manual works well as a model year interchange manual!!! There are exploded view illustrations throughout this 802-page book. Buy now for the best parts book for your vintage Ford.

1928-1948 Ford Green Bible Mechanical Parts Book Reprint

List Price:$999.00
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Souping The Stock Engine Reprint

Reprinted from the 1950 classic, this true hotrodders’ guidebook provides effective methods for tuning all types of stock engines from the conservative road car to full-race capability.

This book includes general engine performance, stock-engine characteristics, and basic planning for modifications. It shows classic speed equipment manufactured by Ardun, Champion, Edmunds, Frenzel, Iskenderian, JE Pistons, Kong, Nicson, Nordec, Riley, Spalding, Stephens-Frenzel, Tattersfield, Tattersfield-Baron, Vertex, Wayne, Weiand, and Zoller.

Souping the Stock Engine

List Price:$19.95
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How To Build A Traditional Ford Hot Rod

Build your own flathead roadster just as it would have been built in the 1950s!

Using a 1929 Ford Model A, this guide follows its construction from start to fantastic finish. Bishop begins with a wealth of expert advice on planning your project, finding traditional parts, and acquiring the tools, time, space, and services needed.

From frame, front suspension, and steering, to brakes, engine, and transmission, Bishop’s expert approach is fully illustrated with specially commissioned photos and line drawings.

How to Build a Traditional Ford Hot Rod (Motorbooks Workshop)

List Price:$34.99
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The Fast Ford Handbook Reprint

Murray Fahnestock stories of racing Fords in the 1920s. Contains 35 chapters of information pertaining to racing Model Ts and various speed equipment used at that time. 175 illustrations.

Model T Speed Secrets/Fast Ford Handbook

List Price:$35.32
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Ford Speed Manual

This book is pure nostalgia–reprinted from the original 1952 edition. Features California Hot Rods, Track Jobs, Fast Road Cars, Lakes Cars, V-8 in a Model A, Hydraulic Brakes.

Ford Speed Manual

List Price:$19.95
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The V8 Album

A beautiful photo album of early Ford V-8 Cars.

THE V-8 ALBUM By The Early Ford V-8 Club of America

List Price:$78.98
New From:$78.98 In Stock
Used from:$75.00 In Stock

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