Back On The Road In 30 Minutes – Forgotten 50’s 1932 Ford Drag Car

1932 Ford Drag Race Car

Bringing the Larry Schroll ’32 Ford 5-Window Coupe Back to Life

In the pre-pandemic days of 2020, Matt at Iron Trap Garage stumbled upon a unique opportunity to be part of the restoration process for the Larry Schroll estate. The estate boasted over 50 antique cars, classic cars, and hot rods spread across two properties. Among these treasures, Matt acquired two vehicles, and today, the focus is on the historic 32 Ford 5-Window Coupe that Larry Schroll had owned since his youth.

The Untouched Relic

This particular ’32 Ford had a rich history as an East Coast hot rod, having been built in the Frederick, Maryland area and raced in the 50s. However, despite its fascinating past, the car had never hit the road. In this video, Matt delves into the journey of bringing this untouched relic back to life, showcasing the process of restoring it to its former glory.

Challenges Unveiled

Upon closer inspection, Matt discovered some intriguing challenges. The engine and transmission were not securely fastened, with makeshift mounts and questionable choices. From angle iron supporting the engine to a battery cable wrapped in cloth tape, the car had seen better days. Matt explores the unique solutions and decisions made in the past, including modifications that added character but needed careful consideration.

Creative Solutions

The restoration process involved addressing structural issues creatively. With a nod to practicality and budget, he opted for unconventional methods, like using scrap metal tubing instead of expensive sub-rails. This sheds light on the decision-making process and the cost-effective solutions that allowed for preserving the essence of the ’32 Ford without compromising its authenticity.

Interior Transformation

The video captures the transformation of the car’s interior, from questionable choices to refining the seating arrangement. Matt discusses the challenges of adjusting pedals, enhancing comfort, and making the driving experience more enjoyable. He delves into the nuances of balancing historical accuracy with modern comfort in the interior restoration.

Bringing It to Life

With the rust repairs completed and the body solidified, the restoration entered its final stages. Matt highlights the satisfaction of seeing the vintage green paint emerge from beneath years of neglect, giving the car an authentic, battle-worn look. He delves into the careful process of achieving a natural patina and the fine line between genuine and forced aging.

1932 Ford Drag Race Car

Test Drive and Conclusion

The restoration journey culminates in a test drive, providing insights into the challenges faced and the joy of seeing the ’32 Ford back on the road. He share the highs and lows of the experience, from addressing radiator issues to enjoying the enhanced driving experience with a completed interior. He concludes with the owner’s reflections on the car’s historical significance and the pride in reviving a snapshot of the late 50s and early 60s hot rod culture…

Iron Trap Garage’s restoration journey with the Larry Schroll ’32 Ford 5-Window Coupe encapsulates the passion for preserving automotive history while navigating the challenges of bringing a forgotten gem back to life.