TIG Welding 101 ~ An All-Inclusive Introduction to GTAW

TIG Welding 101 Introduction to GTAW

This is Weld.com’s introduction to TIG welding video, and goes over how to get started in TIG welding from the most basic level.

You will learn how to assemble your torch, how to set up your TIG welding machine, how to manipulate a TIG torch (and arc and weld bead), how to strike and maintain your welding arc, and how to add filler material.

Along with showing you how to do all of these essential variables to TIG, we will also show you the most common mistakes made in each step and how to troubleshoot them and hopefully avoid them together.

If you don’t need to watch every aspect of this video, here is a table of contents below that will allow you to skip around to specific points in the video that are applicable to you…

Table of Contents:

  • TIG Torch Parts & Assembly – 0:41
  • Machine Setup – 8:53
  • How to Handle Your Torch – 11:24
  • Strike & Maintain an Arc (with Common Mistakes) – 17:19
  • How to Add Filler Wire (with Common Mistakes) – 28:35

Here are the Common Mistakes:

  • Travel Speed (too fast) – 21:10
  • Travel Speed (too slow) – 22:49
  • Torch Angle (too steep) – 25:39
  • Arc Length (too much) – 27:04
  • Feeding Filler Wire (wrong introduction) – 31:46
  • Dipping the Tungsten – 32:59
  • Not Regrinding After a Tungsten Dip – 34:19
  • Sticking Filler into your Tungsten – 34:51