The Wagon Queen Family Truckster at Barrett-Jackson

The Family Truckster at Barrett-Jackson

From Walley World to Palm Beach, Florida. Watch the family Truckster (and Aunt Edna) cross the Barrett-Jackson block…

The Wagon Queen Family Truckster

The Wagon Queen Family Trucksters used in filming was based on 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire wagons, heavily modified by Hollywood car customizer George Barris.

This replica is instead based off of a 1981 Country Squire, but that, and slightly lighter interior color are the only real deviations from the movie car.

Like the car Chevy Chase, playing Clark Griswold, drove with Beverly D’Angelo in the film, this Family Truckster is painted “Metallic Pea,” and doesn’t come with the Rally Fun Pack that Clark ordered. What it does come with, though, is a 5.0 liter V8 and a four-speed.