SH*T BOX OF DOOM ~ Most Ridiculous Station Wagon EVER!

SH*T BOX OF DOOM ~ Most Ridiculous Station Wagon EVER

Two NHRA licensed drivers spent a night out drinking, and ended up putting an alcohol burning funny car engine in a station wagon!

The Sh**box of Doom is a Chevy wagon custom-built for Hot Rod Drag Week’s Unlimited Class with a tube-chassis that’s tailored to fit a unique version of the billet-block V-8 found under the hood of a Top Alcohol Funny Car or Dragster.

The water-jacketed Noonan Racing Engines powerplant typically wears a massive supercharger through the hood, necessitating a throttle body that bolts onto the blow-out plate to feed the engine on the street during Drag Week’s transit stages.

Lately, however, the long roof has sported a sleepier, naturally-aspirated setup beneath what looks like the original, naturally patina’d hood. When dialed up to full-throated speed mode, with the blower huffing and puffing as much air and alcohol down the intake as possible, the S**tbox of Doom has knocked out 6.93-second quarter-mile passes at 207 mph.

Doom’s Tow Vehicle