Flame Throwing Rolls-Royce Thunderbolt at Monterey

Flame Throwing Rolls-Royce
Flame Throwing Rolls-Royce at Monterey Car Week

“International Car Hunter” J.P. van de Bundt takes his fire-breathing 1928 Rolls-Royce to the Monterey Car Week Auctions in California.

This roadster boasts a custom teak wood body and a Merlin V12, 27 liter, 650hp airplane engine…

More of J.P.’s Rolls-Royce Thunderbolt and Monster Boattail Roadster

Dennis takes the custom-built monster roadsters out…

1:22 – Rolls-Royce Thunderbolt
6:30 – Driving the Thunderbolt
7:55 – Monster Boattail Roadster
13:12 – Driving the Monster Boattail Roadster