Rob Ida’s Work is Changing the Custom Car World

Rob Ida's Shop

Revolutionizing Custom Car Building: Exploring Rob Ida’s Innovation Factory

In the world of custom car building, innovation is the driving force that propels creators to push boundaries and redefine automotive excellence. Tom from Hagerty jumps into the captivating world of Rob Ida, a trailblazer in the industry whose work spans from unearthing forgotten treasures in barns to crafting cutting-edge SEMA builds that are changing the face of custom car design.

The Innovation Factory

At Rob Ida’s custom car shop, it’s not just about wrenches and grease – it’s an innovation factory where the latest technologies converge with classic craftsmanship. From metal CNC stretching to 3D printing and electronic accessories, Rob and his team are setting a new standard for what it means to build custom cars. This exclusive tour takes us behind the scenes, showcasing the state-of-the-art tools and techniques shaping the future of automotive engineering.

Barn Finds to SEMA Builds

The journey begins with a look at Rob’s barn-find projects, where hidden gems like the 1963 Ford Galaxie 500, Henry J, and the 1960 Buick Invicta come to life under his skilled hands. These vintage treasures, once forgotten, are resurrected with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

SEMA builds take center stage as we explore iconic projects like the Tucker 48, Hemi Powered Austin Healy, Willy’s Hot Rod, and the LS Powered Mercedes 6-door Limo. Each build is a testament to Rob’s dedication to pushing the envelope, combining power, style, and ingenuity in ways that captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Highlights of the Video Chapters:

  • Metal Shaping (8:40): See the artistry of metal shaping as Rob demonstrates the meticulous process that goes into sculpting the perfect curves and lines of his custom creations.
  • 3D Printing & Prototyping (21:15): Step into the future with a glimpse into the world of 3D printing and prototyping, where innovation meets precision in crafting one-of-a-kind components.
  • Gene Winfield Hot Rod (15:43): Explore the collaboration with legendary Gene Winfield as they bring a timeless hot rod vision to life, merging tradition with a modern touch.
  • Impossible Task (Improving E-Type) (19:29): Take on the challenge of improving an automotive icon – the E-Type, proving that no task is too impossible for Rob Ida and his team.

Rob Ida’s custom car shop isn’t just a haven for enthusiasts; it’s a hub of innovation that redefines what’s possible in the world of custom car building. From barn finds to SEMA builds, Rob’s work is a testament to the fusion of heritage and cutting-edge technology, leaving an indelible mark on the custom car world. Follow along as he continues to shape the future of automotive design, one groundbreaking project at a time.