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World’s MOST Unusual Cars Ever Made, Found In One Warehouse

MOST Unusual Cars Ever Made

In this episode of Hagerty’s “Barn Find Hunter,” Tom gets a private tour of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN by the man himself, Jeff Lane.

The most remarkable part of the Lane museum is not available to the public eye. It’s the private stash of one-off makes and models buried in the basement and warehouses surrounding the museum.


0:00 Intro
1:19 2/3 Scale Mini Cooper’s
1:36 Martin Aerodynamic
2:31 DB Panhard Race car
2:48 Skoda
3:36 Citroen Traction Avant
4:52 DKW (Audi)
5:27 Martin Stationete
6:42 Martin City Car
7:05 Errikson Aluminum bubble car
7:51 Skootavia Tripousse
8:23 World’s largest Military vehicle
9:29 Citroen (Reverse) 2CV
10:10 OPEN Citroen 2CV
11:19 Hoffman
12:05 King Midget