Old School Model T Chassis Build

Old School Model T Chassis
Old School Model T Chassis Build

Dan from DD Speed Shop is turning a yard art tub into a rolling chassis.

Teamed up with fellow hot rodder and fabrication guru Brent of Halfass Kustoms, the Canadian duo started scrapping together front suspension for this chopped top hot rod from salvage parts and scrap metal.

Old school rodding and ingenuity is alive and kicking in this shop!

Dan and Brent built the hairpin style front suspension for this Model T with nothing more than a couple of chunks of cardboard and their tape measures on the shop floor.

An old Chevy truck donated the straight axle and the rest was made from leftover tubing and plate steel to fit what was left of the frame.

All told, this custom front suspension only cost them a trailer spring, some welding wire, and a little bit of time.

In a matter of two days, this field-find car was sitting on its own weight for the first time in decades…

Sticking with the budget theme of the build, the guys re-used the rear axle that came with the Model A frame Dan bought for a case of beer.

Only a few dollars were spent for metal to fabricate mounts and the rear frame hoop.

What a couple of guys can accomplish on a discarded car with their brains and a welder in one weekend is nothing short of impressive…

These guys are proof it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to build a killer Model T.

You can keep tabs on this budget hot rod build by following DD Speed Shop and Halfass Kustoms on YouTube.