Junked ’27 Model T Rescue Mission

Gathering yard art and forgotten parts to build the ultimate Budget Model T

Junked '27 Model T
Junked '27 Model T Rescue Mission

Dan from DD Speed Shop is at another ambitious project car: the rusted and chopped remains of a ’27 Ford Model T.

Local Winnipeg shop and award-winning SEMA builder Zombie Body Shop offered up the haggard Model T tub and chassis being used as yard art for a few hundred dollars.

Dan did the only sensible thing.

He dropped the work he had planned on his ’71 C10, emptied the shop piggy bank, and spent the day wrenching a 90-year-old chassis and tub out of the snow and ice…

Although it doesn’t look like much, Dan has big plans for this hammered mess.

For the price, the T came with a couple of sets of wheels, a narrowed Ford 9″ rear-end, a rear disc brake setup, and a very rough chop from many years back.

While the price was too good to pass up, this bucket of rust is a pretty long way from being on the road or even getting the doors to open.

On par with any DD Speed build, there are lots of budget solutions and discarded parts being added to make it happen on a very limited budget.

On the bright side, there’s not much to damage by dragging this car

As luck would have it, Dan also scored a boxed ’28 Model A frame and a second rusted tub from Sobering Restoration Services for the low price of 30 Canadian cold-ones.

With prices on pre-war cars as high as they are, this is a pretty major score for a car guy like Dan.

With a little elbow grease and welding wire, we might be lucky enough to see him crank out a pair of old school hot rods any gear head would die to own…

Whether it ends up a traditional style rod with paint and body or a down and dirty rat, the transformation of these discarded cars will be one to watch.

Tune in to DD Speed Shop on Youtube and see what Dan does with these 2 junkyard gems…