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Poppy’s Patina Clear Coat Wipe or Spray-On Protection in Matte or Gloss

Wipe-On Patina Clear Coat being applied to 1948 Panel Van
Poppys Patina Wipe-On Clear Coat

Poppy’s Patina Clear-Coat is not just a “sauce” that wears off — it seals your patina in a UV-protected coat that will bead water for years. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Poppy’s Patina is quickly becoming widely known as the best wipe-on clear coat for classic cars and trucks.

This clear coat product is a very simple wipe-on (or optional spray-on) application that provides beauty and depth to all patina surfaces. It seals surface rust and prevents further deterioration. The product enriches colors and provides UV protection to prevent further color fading.

This product is as simple as wetting a cloth and wiping it on. No wipe off necessary, it dries streak-free, and one coat is sufficient for a long-lasting effect that can be enjoyed for years.

Matte and Gloss Finish Available

Poppy’s Patina Matte Finish will appear to be wet and shiny upon initial application but after 10-15 minutes cure time will have a matte finish that beads water for years to come.

Poppy’s Patina Gloss Finish dries to a hard finish that beads water for years to come.

Both the Matte and Gloss Finishes are sold in 32oz cans.

How much do you need?

One 32 ounce container is sufficient to cover one long bed Chevrolet C10 Truck.

Clear Catalyst for Extra Protection

Poppy’s Patina clear catalyst can be used with either the matte clear coat or gloss clear coat by mixing at a ratio of 8:1 (8 parts clear to 1 part catalyst). This will add chemical resistance to the clear coat protecting it from accidental gas spills, etc. The catalyst is packaged in 8oz containers providing enough product to catalyze two 32oz cans of clear coat.

Applying Poppy’s Patina Wipe-On Clear Coat

Editor’s Note: Full directions for use and product Safety Data Sheet(s) appear below…

A Customer’s Perspective

Dewey Dougherty of Ocala, Florida initially selected Poppy’s Patina to protect his custom-built 1965 International Loadstar because of the apparent ease of application. He’s sprayed many other clear-coats with marginal results — but after reading some of Poppy’s Patina past customer reviews and testaments to how easy the product was to apply, the decision was made.

He tested a small area first spaying and then wiping portions of one of the fenders to see what he preferred. Dewey tells us that his homework paid off — application of the protectant really was quite easy.

1965 International Loadstar during Patina protector application.
Dewey Dougherty’s 1965 International Loadstar during Poppy’s Patina application.

Interestingly, Dewey decided to both spray and wipe the product on — he elected to wipe most of the body and sprayed the roof and under the hood.

“I’ve never wiped on clear before, so it was new to me. But the result blew my mind.”

Dewey Dougherty

Dewey reached out to Brian, owner at Poppy’s Patina as he had some questions, which were answered quickly. “Their customer service is like no other, I love the smaller places that have a good product with outstanding customer service,” Dewey says.

Dewey has washed his truck several times since application, and he tells us that it is holding up just as you would expect. The water just beads up and rolls off.

His truck stays mainly in his shop, but he drives it every week two or three times, so it sees its fair share of blistering Florida sun. He couldn’t be happier with it, he says.

Poppy’s Patina Wipe On Clear Coat Application Directions

Shake well before use. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

  1. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment. For best results use in a well ventilated area at a temperature between 50° and 77° Fahrenheit.
  2. Wash the surface with dish soap and water using a light duty scuff/scouring pad removing as much loose scale, dirt, grit, and oxidation as possible. Rinse thoroughly. Let dry completely. If the surface has previously been coated with any wax or oil type coatings, use Poppy’s Patina Wax & Grease Remover by wetting one rag, wiping on, and drying with another clean, dry rag before applying the clear coat.
  3. Although not required but highly recommended is Poppy’s Patina’s Clear Catalyst at a mixing ratio of 8:1 (8 parts clear coat to 1 part catalyst) to achieve chemical resistance. Mixed product will have a two hour pot life at 77° Fahrenheit.
  4. Blow off provided applicator before use to get rid of any loose fibers.   
  5. After the surface is completely dry, wet a provided applicator with Wipe On Clear Coat in a paint tray for large areas. For small or hard to get to areas, wet one a Recycled Knit Rag and wipe on. Always apply to a small inconspicuous area to test results before going over entire vehicle. Apply to one panel at a time wiping in an even, uniform direction.
  6. Allow 20-30 minutes for dry to touch and 24 hours for full cure.
  7. Use acetone or xylene to remove from unwanted surfaces.
  8. Lay used rags and applicators out flat to dry properly before disposing of, to avoid any spontaneous combustion.
  • They recommend spraying instead of wiping over alkyd based paints.
  • This product may also be sprayed using a HVLP spray gun with a 1.4 nozzle at 35 psi.

Poppy’s Patina Clear Catalyst Directions For Use

  1. Although not required but optional, is our clear catalyst used by mixing with either our matte clear coat or gloss clear coat at a ratio of 8:1 (8 parts clear to 1 part catalyst).  This will add chemical resistance to the clear coat protecting it from accidental gas spills, etc. Our catalyst is packaged in 8oz containers providing enough product to catalyze two 32oz cans of clear coat

Poppy’s Patina Wax & Grease Remover Directions For Use

  1. This product is a pre cleaner to be used before applying the clear coat. It is used to remove any surface contaminates that may be present. It will remove any wax or oil type coatings that may have been previously applied to your patina surface.
  2. Simply wet a rag with the wax and grease remover; wipe on and wipe dry immediately with another clean dry rag. Repeat until surface is clean. Allow surface to fully dry before applying clear coat.

How To Order Poppy’s Patina

Order Directly from Poppy’s Patina:

Poppy’s Patina Product Safety Data Sheet(s)