Mighty Metro ~ 1954 International Metro Van Build is Complete

Mighty Metro ~ 1954 International Metro Build
Mighty Metro ~ 1954 International Metro Build
Mighty Metro ~ 1954 International Metro Build
1954 International Metro Build ~ RoadKill Reskue ‘n’ Rekovery

Operation Metro Build ~ Part 1

Join Lance and Wyatt as they initiate Operation Metro Build, a 1954 International Metro van they recently sold to a client from Ireland. In the meantime, the guys get a call on another 1954 International metro van — one that’s a little bit too close to home to walk away from.

While finding vehicles in their back yard, Wesley boards a plane to fly across the U.S to New York, where he gets to dig through the snow and find a 1960 Compact COE cab Lance had recently purchased from a good hot rod buddy…

Operation Metro Build ~ Part 2

Operation Metro build is in full throttle as the guys lower the altitude on a 1954 International Metro van! Follow along as they design and fabricate the custom framework, allowing this belly scraping Roadkill Ride to live again!

Operation Metro Build ~ Part 3

Lance and Wyatt head back to the 1954 International Metro to get the custom frame put under it. Watch as the guys make sure the engine is ready to go and make sure the body goes down smoothly on the new custom frame…

Interior Overhaul with Custom Sheet Metal and Fabrication Work

Lance and Wyatt tackle the interior of the 1954 International Metro, creating custom wheel tubs and a raised floor. While trying to preserve the patina inside the Metro van, Lance recreates the faux patina paint finish to match the existing look inside the van…

Products used in this video:

Operation Metro Build is Complete!