I Bought Every Harbor Freight ICON Tool They Had

Harbor Freight ICON Tools
Harbor Freight ICON Tools

Overtime Garage went to Harbor Freight and bought every single ICON tool they had on the shelf and compare them to Husky, Craftsman, and Snap-On Tools — Nearly $2,000 for everything!

Harbor Freight ICON Tool
Harbor Freight ICON Tool

The comparison between ICON and Snap-on is very similar…

I think the ICON tools are worth the money, but we’ll see over time how well they hold up in comparison to Husky, Craftsman, Snap-On and other name-brand tools. The Harbor Freight ICON tool line has a decent selection so far of sockets and wrenches.

One Month ICON Tool Update! Are they worth the money?

Here is my one-month ICON tool update/review. I’m not the greatest at doing these reviews but here’s my input. Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion on the tools and how they have been working for me…

Links from video…

Socket Trays: https://amzn.to/2SzPWR5

Wrench Trays: https://amzn.to/2sfFEuZ

Buying all the New ICON Tools Round 2! New Impact Sockets and…