Loaner Tools and Services From Your Local Auto Parts Store

Loaner Tool Programs
Loaner Tool Programs

You’re in the throes of a your build, your budget is shot and you need tools!

Worry not. Your local auto parts store has got you covered!

From spring compressors to specialized pullers and more, your local auto parts store may have the tools you need to get the job done right — and they’ll loan them to you for free!

These auto parts stores renting out specialty tools for free makes wrenching accessible to the masses and there is an amazing selection of tools to choose from. Many of these tools are very expensive and used infrequently, so using loaner or rental tools is quite prudent.

It also makes good sense for these stores to offer these tools for loan — if you can get the tool needed from their store, you may also purchase whatever parts are needed there, too. Plus, there’s a chance that you won’t return the loaner tool, in which case, you’ve bought it since the deposit is the same as the tool’s purchase price (in most cases).

Editor’s Note: Because the loaner tools are often used and handled a lot, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility the tool is worn or missing parts, so it’s definitely worth inspecting the tools before you leave the store.

We Use Loaner Tools, Often

For our shop, these tool loaner and rental programs have been a blessing. Especially in our early years, freebies and loaners helped us do jobs we were otherwise ill-prepared to take on.

These tools and services will help you tackle jobs quickly and on a tight budget. You may never have to take your vehicle to a shop again, which also means you’ll have more money in your pocket — and plenty of fresh mechanical wherewithal.

Loaner Tool and In-Store Service Offerings at Major Auto Part Stores

We did the leg-work for you — take a look at the tool offerings and in-store services available at your local auto parts store…

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is a solid source for quality auto parts, advice, and accessories. Plus they have a great tool loan program and other valuable services like part testing and home-delivery.

Advance Auto Parts operates more than 4,000 Advance Auto Parts locations operating in the US with the most stores in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. The company also owns Carquest Auto Parts with more than 1,000 locations.

Due to the pandemic, the company started a digital ramp-up with a bunch of eCommerce initiatives in Q3 2020 — It appears to pay to shop online for parts for home delivery — look for specials.

Editor’s Note: Ship To Home is not available for loaner tools.

Free Loaner Tools at Advance Auto Parts

  • Brake Tools
  • Chassis Tools
  • Heating & Cooling Tools
  • Driveline Tools
  • Engine Tools
  • Exhaust Tools
  • Puller Tools
  • Strut & Spring Tools
  • Wrench Tools

The Advance Auto Parts Loaner Tool Program is easy.

  1. Select the desired tool kit to borrow from your local Advance Auto Parts.
  2. Purchase the tool kit just like any other purchase you would make. You now have 45 days to use the tool.
  3. Return the tool to any Advance Auto Parts store 45 days for a full refund.

Advance Auto Parts Loaner Tools FAQs

How much does it cost to borrow a tool kit?

The tool kit is actually free to loan, however, a full deposit is required at the time of checkout. The full deposit is then refunded once the tool kit is returned.

What payment types can I use for the deposit?

Loaner tools can be purchased online using credit cards or PayPal; in-store purchases accept cash, credit, or a check. This is then refunded in the original purchase form. See our Returns Page for more details.

How long am I able to loan the tool kit for?

You have 45 days to receive a full refund of your deposit. If the tool is kept longer than 45 days, it is viewed as a purchase and the tool is yours to keep.

What if the tool breaks while I am using it?

No problem. All tools have a 100% lifetime warranty. If the tool breaks and you return the tool kit within 45 days, you will receive your full refund.

Are the loaner tools new?

Some may be new, but most have been used before by other DIY’ers using the Loaner Tools program. If you would like to keep the loaner tool, your local Advance Auto Parts can order you in a new tool, instead of purchasing the used loaner tool. See store for details.

Additional In-Store Services

  • Battery Testing and Installation
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Check Engine Light Scanning
  • Starter and Alternator Testing
  • Oil and Battery Recycling



AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the US with more than 6,000 AutoZone stores across the fifty United States, DC, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil.

The AutoZone Loan-A-Tool® Program

AutoZone’s Loan-A-Tool® program has all sorts of tools for all types of jobs.

Choose from more than 100 specialty tools you might not have in your garage to get the job done right.

These tools come complete with instructions so you know how to use them.

How does AutoZone Loan-A-Tool® work?

To borrow a tool, just pick the tool you want at the closest store or on and checkout. We ask for a deposit, but you’ll get the full deposit back when you return the tool within 90 days.

Whether you’re working on something heavy like steering or suspension or running a diagnostic as you check for pressure or leaks, AutoZone’s Loan-A-Tool program can help you get the job done right the first time.

  • Air Conditioning Tools
  • Cooling System Tools
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Engine & External Engine Tools
  • Exhaust Tools
  • Fuel Pump Removal Tools
  • Pullers
  • Steering & Suspension Tools
  • Tubing & Flaring Tools

In-Store Services

  • Free Fix Finder Service
    Check engine light on? They’ll check it and give you a free report.
  • Free Testing
    They’ll check your alternator, starter, battery, and more.
  • Recycling
    Bring them your used oil or get credits for used batteries.


Carquest Corporation is an American automotive parts distribution network that is currently owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts via independent retailers associated with the network.

There are more than 1,000 Carquest locations in all 50 states with the most stores in California, Texas, and North Carolina. Carquest has fewer stores as compared to its competitors, but its locations are uniformly scattered throughout the US.

Loaner Tools from Carquest

While we were hard-pressed to find a lot of information about Carquest’s tool loaning programs online, we reached out to them and were pointed to this PDF document that fully outlines their complete offerings…

Napa Auto Parts

There are over 5,000 Napa Auto Parts locations presently in the US with California, Texas, and Pennsylvania topping the states with most stores.

Napa Auto Parts locations are quite ubiquitous compared to its competitors. Your local NAPA stocks auto parts, tools and equipment, and many other items for cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, marine, and farming equipment.

Tools for Loan at Napa Auto Parts

Only select Napa Auto Part locations offer tools for loan or rent. Contact your local Napa Auto Parts store to see if they or another location close to you offer loaner tools.

Editor’s Note: We reached out to NAPA corporate for more information, but they made it seem like we were asking for the moon.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts has roughly 5,500 locations in the US. Texas, California, and Floria are the states with the most locations. O’Reilly’s has a large number of stores concentrated in the biggest cities in the southern US, such as Houston, Dallas, and Jacksonville but their stores show up in the northeast to a lesser degree. The company has one of the largest specialty retailers of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories in the U.S., serving both the do-it-yourself and professional service provider markets.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Loaner Tools

  • Air Conditioning & Cooling Loaner Tools
  • Ball Joint Loaner Tools
  • Brake, Tire & Wheel Loaner Tools
  • Electrical & Diagnostic Loaner Tools
  • Engine & Clutch Loaner Tools
  • Exhaust Loaner Tools
  • Power Steering Loaner Tools
  • Pulley & Gear Loaner Tools
  • Suspension & Steering Loaner Tools
  • Tie Rods & Pitman Arms Loaner Tools
  • Tubing Loaner Tools

O’Reilly Auto Parts Store Services

  • Battery Testing – Free
  • Alternator & Starter Testing – Free
  • Wiper Blade & Bulb Installation – Free
  • Check Engine Light Testing – Free
  • Fluid & Battery Recycling – Free

Select Location Services

  • Drum & Rotor Resurfacing*
  • Custom Paint Mixing*
  • Custom-Built Hydraulic Hoses*

*Check your local store for availability

Pep Boys

Pep Boys, an automotive retail chain that started in Pennsylvania has 950 locations operating in 37 states in the US, with California, Florida, Texas are the states with the most number of locations.

Loaner Tools Available from Pep Boys

Pep Boys Loaner Tools
1/2″ Drive Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench
1-1/2″ x 2-7/16″ Tailpipe Expander
2/3 Jaw Puller 2 Ton
3/8″ Drive Torque Wrench 20 to 200″/Lb.
5 Lb Slide Hammer
Adjustable Fan Clutch Holding Tool
Axle Nut Socket Set, 9-Piece
Axle Puller
Ball Joint Press Set
Bearing Race and Seal Driver Set
Blind Hole Puller Set
Chrysler Harmonic Puller
Coil Spring Compressor
Combustion Leak Detector
Compression Tester Gauge Set
Deluxe A/C Clutch Hub Puller and Installer
Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set
Double Flaring Tool SAE
Front Hub Puller/Installer
Front Wheel Drive Hub Puller
Harmonic Balancer Installer
Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit
Heavy Duty Tubing Bender
Honda/Acura Crankshaft Damper Holding Tool
Industrial Timing Gear Puller
Inner Tie Rod Tool Kit
Noid Light Set, 6-Piece
Oxygen Sensor Wrench Set
Pilot Bearing Puller Attachment
Pitman Arm Puller for Light Trucks
Pulley Puller/Installer
Radiator & Cap Adapter Set for GM/Ford Models
Radiator & Cap Test Kit
Rear Axle Bearing Remover Set
Reversible Puller, 7-Ton, 2/3″
Serpentine Belt Tool, Service Tool Package
Spindle Locknut Wrench Kit
Steering Wheel Puller
Strut Spring Compressor
Tailpipe Cutter
Tailpipe Expander, 2-1/8″ x 3-7/16″
Tie Rod End Remover
Tie Rod/Ball Joint Set, 5-Piece
Timing Belt Service Kit
Tubing Bender
Valve Spring Compressor – Service Tool Package
Water Pump Socket

PartSource (Canada)

PartSource is building Canada’s foremost auto parts specialty chain. Launched in 1999, the operation is currently 91 stores strong in 5 provinces:

  • 15 stores in Alberta
  • 6 stores in Saskatchewan
  • 6 stores in Manitoba
  • 61 stores in Ontario
  • 3 stores in Nova Scotia

With an extensive selection of quality brand name parts, competitive prices, outstanding services, and expert staff, PartSource delivers a quick in-and-out purchase experience as well as choice and convenience.

With thousands of auto parts in stock, our Pros can also access an additional 300,000 parts on a same-day or overnight basis. Every PartSource store is staffed by experienced auto parts professionals who share their customers’ passion for cars and trucks.


For the safety of our customers and staff, we are pausing this service, during the (Covid-19) lockdown. We will resume once it is safe to do so.


Use the proper tools to tackle some of the more difficult or specialized repairs on your vehicle without having to purchase* the tools, or pay for the garage to do the repair for you.

With up to 60 specialized tools available, PartSource provides just what you need to get your automotive jobs done correctly. At participating PartSource stores only.

*A deposit required is equivalent to the cost of the tool and is refunded in full upon return of the tool in good condition. All tools are checked before leaving the store, and again when returned. Customers are not charged for normal wear on tools. Tools are generally loaned out for up to 3 days.

LOAN-A-TOOL Tool Selection

We have a wide variety of speciality tools for A/C, Brake Services, Engine and Driveline, Fuel system, Ignition system, Sensors, Pullers and Suspension work. Selection varies by store, please call ahead for availability and details. Find your local store here.


  • Simply put down a deposit on the loaner tool.
  • Return the tool in the original condition and receive a full refund.
  • Need the tool for the next repair? Just keep it. The deposit is the purchase price.

In-Store Services

  • Free battery testing
    Bring your battery in-store or just drive up and we’ll test it for free while it’s still in your car!
  • We’re your key experts
    We cut and program car keys and vehicle remotes for most makes and models, foreign and domestic. Spend less than most auto dealership prices and visit your local PartSource for fast, reliable, and convenient car key and vehicle remote programming
  • Try it before you buy it
    PartSource has a wide selection of car cleaning products, including Meguiar’s, Mothers, Nufinish, Amorall, and more. Visit your local PartSource to sample premium car cleaning products from our “try it before your buy it” cart. Simply choose a product from the cart and bring it out to the PartSource parking lot and test it out right on your car!