The Barris Kustoms Built Munster Koach

Greatest TV and Movie Cars

Greatest TV & Movie Cars: The Barris Kustoms Built 'Munster Koach'
Greatest TV & Movie Cars: The Barris Kustoms Built 'Munster Koach'

Barris Kustoms created the spooky hot rod dubbed the “Munster Koach” for the hit 1960’s TV show “The Munsters.” George Barris, Tex Smith, Tom Daniel, and Dick & Keith Dean all had a hand in this historic build.

The car was built out of three Ford Model T bodies which brought the total length to 18 feet. The 133″ frame was hand-built. It has 10 carburetors, a 289 Ford Cobra engine from a 1966 Mustang GT, a four-speed manual transmission, and no power steering which makes it a crazy car to drive…

Munster Koach

In 1964, the cost to build the first one was $18,000.00. The studio gave George Barris 21 days to complete the car.

It has “blood red” velvet interior. It took 500 hours to hand form the ornate rolled steel scrollwork. It had Gloss Black Pearl paint. The front end had a dropped axle, split radius rods, and T springs. The brass radiator and fenders were hand-formed.

The 289 Ford Cobra engine wasuilt with Jahns high compression pistons, ten chrome plated Stromberg carburetors, an Isky cam, and had a set of Bobby Barr racing headers.