“FLACA” The Skinny 1962 Buick Special

Custom 1962 Buick Special

Dennis Gage from MyClassicCarTV found “FLACA” (Spanish for skinny) at the Lonestar Roundup in Austin, Texas.

The car is narrowed 1962 Buick Special with 12 inches cut out of the middle. The once unibody sits upon a custom-built square tube chassis with a Chrysler 5th Avenue front that provides disc brakes and a cradle for the Chrysler 340 V8 engine which exhales through Lake Pipes.

The builder says that the car was built from a body he just had sitting around. The roof was swiss cheese, so he went with a Roadster. The car is cooled with a trunk-mounted radiator and the breeze is deflected by a Lexan windscreen.