A 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod Build Named “Little Eve”

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod

This build was a tribute to and dedicated to Simon Gluckman’s mother, whose middle name was Eve. She passed several years ago and left a little money behind. Instead of blowing the money on bills and a mortgage, Simon opted to put it towards something solid and says “she would have loved the shit out of this car.”

Simon says that his Mom was “little, mean, and a hell of a lot of fun”, and that’s exactly what this car is.

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod
Simon Gluckman’s 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod ~ Little Eve

Originally, Simon’s idea was to keep the car pretty rough looking — just like a nice, nasty street car. But the job Jim did on the body and paint when the car came back made me have to change all my plans.

It was so beautifully done, that’s when they got into chrome and stuff, and now he’s really happy he did it.

The car is something that’s been in Simon’s head for years, and just watching the way it’s turned out has been such a joy. He’s always liked the East Coast style of channeling ’32s and noted that not many people do it in Southern California. That was always his intention — if he was going to do a ’32 Ford, it was going to be chopped and channeled.

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod ~ Rear View
Simon Gluckman’s 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod ~ Little Eve

The channel is the full length of the frame so it’s about a 6-inch channel and the chop is about 5 inches. He’s never had a blown car and decided that this was the one!

The engine in Simon’s car is a 1956 324CI Oldsmobile. It’s a small engine, he says, but with the blower, it’s got some go! The Blower and related accouterments are from Ross Racing Engines and the car has a Speedway Engineering quick-change rear end with a Muncie transmission in between.

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe Hot Rod Engine
1956 324CI Oldsmobile V8 with Ross Racing Engines Blower

Simon is a member of the Bedlam Car Club, a traditional hot rod club in Los Angeles whose cars are based on the 1940s and ’50s hot rod scene, so this car is a little bit different from all the other cars in the club.

When he originally got the car, it was just body and frame in really bad condition — “the thing was a real mess.” He says that if it hadn’t been for people like Troy at Hollywood Hot Rods, whose generosity was just insane on this car, and Simon’s buddy, Jim who did the body and paint, he could not have finished this car. Take a closer look…