First-Ever Petersen Auto Museum Full Collection Tour ~ Over 200 Cars

Petersen Auto Museum Full Collection Tour
Petersen Auto Museum Full Collection Tour

Join Petersen Automotive Museum as they do their first-ever, full museum, and vault tour virtually for the world.

This 2+ hour tour will walk through almost all of the vehicles in the museum and covers some of the newest exhibits, including:

  • Supercars,
  • Extreme Conditions,
  • Reclaimed Rust (the James Hetfield Collection), and
  • Redefining Performance (Porsche).

On the tour, you’ll see over 200 makes and models spanning over 120 years of automotive history, as well as the Vault presented by Hagerty, which includes celebrity cars like The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah’s Lamborghini, Tavarish’s Lamborghini, and Bruce Canepa’s Porsche 959…

  • Skip to 2nd Floor: 33:45
    (Motorsports, Motorcycles, James Hetfield’s Collection, Offroad & Porsche)
  • Skip to 1st Floor: 1:13:06
    (Science Fiction Cars)
  • Skip to Vault: 1:23:53
    (200+ car collection underground)

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