Pontiac Power Heaven ~ A Look Inside Butler Performance Group

Butler Performance Group Shop Tour
Butler Performance Group Shop Tour

Anyone who’s into Pontiacs has heard of the Lawrenceburg, Tennessee-based Butler Performance Group. For more than 50 years, this family business founded and tested at the drag strip has been turning out the hottest Pontiac engines in the world.

What began as a family affair with their dad became a lifelong passion and career for sons David and Rodney Butler, and it definitely shows.

Although they’re known for building insane engines for TV show cars like Justin Shearer’s 482ci GTO on Street Outlaws, their main business has been serving regular Joes and building engines for streetcars since it started with founder Jim Butler in the 1960s.

Butler really prides itself on top-notch machine work and customer support, which has made and kept them the #1 Pontiac shop in the world for decades.

Always adapting to customer needs, Butler has expanded their offering and hired a dedicated team to support LS platform engines with the same quality customer service. Still, for old-school muscle, there’s just no beating the torque of old school Pontiac engines.

No matter what route a builder is taking, this machine shop is a Pontiac nut’s wildest dream. Follow along with Jon from Mad Scientist Garage as he picks up his fresh 474ci engine and gets a full shop tour…

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